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Company name   Saga Cardboard Firm (Limited Private Company) Kaleidoscope Research Laboratory
President, CEO Nobuko Ogata
Vice President
Keizo Ishikawa
Address 2496-1 Shimohon Otsu, Arita-cho, Nishimatsuura-gun, Saga Prefecture 849-4107 Japan
Telephone 0955-43-2425

2003 The world’s first porcelain kaleidoscopes “Arita Porcelain Scopes” were developed and put on sale. They received favorable reviews and numerous responses in Tokyo and the United States.

The kaleidoscopes were frequently covered by the media including 30 newspapers, 10 magazines and 9 television stations
The Arita Porcelain Scopes enjoyed large sales at major sales outlets such as Mitsukoshi Department Store, All Nippon Airways (ANA) and Sony FC.

2005 The upscale Large-Type Arita Porcelain Scopes were developed with the support of a public assistance system for companies venturing into new fields (offered by the Japan Foundation for Regional Vitalization).

The large-type Arita Porcelain Scope “Temari (Japanese Handball)” was adopted by the Saga Prefecture’s trial order system for 2005.

Receiving the support of the Saga Prefecture’s local specialty brand building support system as the Saga Prefecture’s leading products for 2005, the Arita Porcelain Scopes were put on sale in the European and American markets as well as the domestic market.